Wraith Glade

The Intersection of Creativity, Nature, and the Mind

My Creations

This is where I put all of my creative work when I want to publish it and share it with you! If you want something fun or useful (and created directly by me) then the My Creations page is where you can go to download it! This makes the My Creations page perhaps the most important subpage on this website, though there is still good value on many of the other pages. If you only visit one page on this website then visit this one. Everything on it is designed to be genuinely fun or useful and polished enough to be worth publishing.

However, do keep in mind this is only a small subset of what I've created over my lifespan. I add things to this website one brick at a time and only when the moment feels right and so it'll take a while for the amount of things to grow.

Journal & Changelog

Previously known as the "detailed website history" page before the big website reorganization, this page now serves as both my own personal miniature journal and as this website's changelog (i.e. precisely detailed website history). Here's where you can find short (often daily) updates on what I'm doing or thinking and also commentary on what I've changed on the site on any given day. This is a very useful page for figuring out what new stuff may have been put onto the site since your last visit! It could save you a lot of time!

This kind of subpage is also sometimes referred to variously as a "log", "web log" (from which the word "blog" is derived), "mini blog", "micro blog", "diary", "chronicle", "site history", or "status update page", among many other possible terms. The subtleties of the meanings and connotations of these terms vary quite a bit. However, in the case of my log page here it is a hybrid of a short-form personal blog (not a "full" blog) and the site's changelog, but without any of the social media components that may be associated with the terms "mini blog" or "micro blog". This is an old school log. Popularity and profit are irrelevant.

Website History Overview

An overview of when and why this website was created, including especially salient aspects of the initial inspiration and motivation is described on this page. Basically, this page is intended to give you a high level sense of the impetus for the website and its initial founding and current status. There is some overlap with the About This Website page, but the two pages are distinctly different.

About This Website

If you want to find out what this website is intended to be and to become, including the underlying philosophy and hints as to what direction the site is going to move in and what kind of content will be added to it over time, then this page will give you an overview of that.

About Me

This is one place you can go to read a brief overview of what I'm interested in and what my background is. Alternatively, exploring my website is another way to get a sense of what I'm into and what kind of person I am. In fact, exploring the website may be better because doing so is more experiential and more directly embodies my thoughts and actions.

Contact Info

If you would like to get in touch with me by sending me a message, such as sharing your thoughts and support for any of my work or musings, then this page will tell you how. I'm generally pretty open and will respond to anything constructive, though it can take me a while sometimes since I am often getting "sucked down rabbit holes" (as the saying goes).


This is where you can find legal formalities and other information about this website's policies, such as concerning "intellectual property" and privacy.