About Me

I am a diversely creative and intellectually curious person whose professional background is primarily in game development, computer programming, book writing, typesetting, and publishing. I still work in tech, though I am under NDA on what my current work is.

I have previously worked in both the AAA game industry and on indie games. I have also published multiple successful books. I have also dabbled on and off in many other fields of creative expression, such as as in several different forms of art and audio work.

Pretty much all digital creative mediums are interesting to me. Although sometimes I spread myself too thin and my time escapes from me, it is great to have such a broad scope of interests and I look forward to exploring this diverse range of creative mediums more.

I have a degree in computer science and a minor in mathematics.

I have lots of real-world knowledge that I hope to share with you, in the hopes of increasing your ability to creatively express yourself the way you want to! I'm passionate about creativity, both for my own sake and for helping others!