Contact Info

You can contact me by messaging my Discord username: WraithGlade. In the Discord app (once installed), click on the "Direct Messages" icon in the top left (inside the narrow scrollable server/community membership list on the far left) and then on "Find or start a conversation" and then enter my name into the box and send me a message.

Feel free to talk to me for whatever reason you feel like, whether that's asking questions or just socializing or whatever else. I'm pretty open and would be happy to talk to other members of the Neocities community or from anywhere else on the internet too. So, don't be shy, say hi!

Do be aware however that I don't have my Discord client app set to automatically start up when my computer starts. The reason for that is simply because it can be distracting and I tend to try to do too much and to spread myself too thin. So, I may not see your message for a few days or even a few weeks in rarer cases.

I pretty much always respond to everyone who messages me eventually, as long as they don't seem like a bot and don't behave suspiciously or with hostility. Just be patient with me. I get flustered when I try to manage too much at once, just like pretty much anyone, and I tend to try to "do all the things" (especially regarding creative pursuits) too often.